I’ve been photographing for more than fifty years. I started as a ‘wanabe’ Ansel Adams and devoured his books and techniques, but not his skills in composition or printing. I did at least know what I wanted to achieve and could see when I wasn’t there.

A photograph appreciation workshop at the Edmonton Art Gallery opened my eyes to so much more in photography, in terms of subject and light and composition.

I found there were other photographers that I liked even more - Brett Weston, Paul Strand and so many more, but the fine print was elusive.

Eventually a very modest book, ‘The Zone VI Workshop’ showed me the path to luminous highlights and rich shadows you wanted to dive into.

At a workshop by Craig Richards, I discovered the ‘nerve’ to show my work to people and even contemplate having a show.

I spent two years working at the Calgary Farmers Market, talking photography with anyone who showed interest, gradually becoming more successful, until I had a thriving business, but was tired and cranky. I was still a full time family physician, and it was all too much.

I started writing on the art of photography for some popular websites and one day out of the blue got an offer to turn one of my series of articles into a book, an offer by a real publisher, who was going to pay me. 

This effort was a great success, the book selling more than 10,000 copies and being translated into 7 languages, and led to two more books.

My enduring interest in the landscape continued but I added industrial subjects, the occasional portrait, and even some quite abstract work.

For the Alberta Unbound show, I’ve concentrated on the landscape of Alberta, in colour, though as you’ll see from my website, a lot of my photography remains black and white.