Artist Bio  


I am a born and raise Calgarian who a found a passion for art and photography in high school. I started out working with pencil crayons, pencil drawings and I completed my first painting in Grade 12. My passion for painting was rediscovered after I lost my dad to cancer in 2007. Over the last 5 years I have committed to becoming a more proficient artist and photographer. I am mainly self-taught but I have worked under the mentorship of a few professional oil landscape artists from 2013 to the present. My painting journey started with experimenting with acrylic paints and taking several landscape and portrait painting workshops. I then fell in love with oil painting and I use that primarily in my work. My current creative process is to start with an acrylic underpainting and then to finish using oils.  

My Inspiration

Painting and photography brings me such joy. I love the whole creative process, starting from finding my inspiration through photography, drawing it onto canvas and then making it come to life through layers of paint. I am inspired by Mother Nature every day, whether it be intriguing cloud patterns, colourful skylines, tropical beaches, striking trees and captivating mountains. I like to try to capture an interesting composition with my photography and then bring it to life by making it into a painting using bright and rich colours. A lot of my inspiration comes from my travels and my own Alberta prairie backyard. You can find my art and photography work at