Stephanie’s Bio

Stephanie Hoogveld is best known for enhancing her local and global community through art.  Together with her three sisters, Stephanie created The Sky Painters, a charity in memory of their mother who passed away to cancer. The aim of The Sky Painters was to bring hope and inspiration through art by painting a series of 56 paintings telling the stories of 56 individuals impacted by cancer.  On June 8th, 2016, all paintings were auctioned off at The Skies of Hope Gala and Art Auction, raising over $200,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. In 2014, Stephanie was juried to complete the artwork for the 2014 Calgary Stampede Dream Home, and in 2013, was selected as the Best New Artist in the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase. In 2012, she won the National Generation Art Prize from the Michaelle Jean.

Her work varies from bright, vibrant and colorful pieces that reflect joy and a sense of play, to rich monochromatic paintings in warm sepia hues, which evoke curiosity and compassion for the given subject. In each painting, she aims to produce works that speak louder than any words she could verbally express. Her goal is to create paintings that speak for positive change, ultimately spreading joy to each viewer. To learn more about Stephanie and her work, visit